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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Technology at the Service of the Beauty of Perfume

Each of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s perfumes conjures up an atmosphere of subtly blended scents, where sensations and poetic evocations mingle.

For Chez Moi, the five fragrances inaugurating the collection have been meticulously perfected to suit the new technology. Four of these, Mûre Sauvage (Wild Blackberry), Intérieur Figuier (Fig Tree Interior), Mimosa Marin (Marine Mimosa) and L’Ambre(Amber), have been selected from l’Artisan Parfumeur’s most popular perfumes. Cèdre Bleu (Blue Cedar) was created exclusively for Chez Moi®.

Mûre Sauvage
fills the home with the souvenir of delicious promenades, sweet, tangy
berries that melt in the mouth, the aroma of baked pastries and jam that
delight both young and old.

Intérieur Figuier
is a gentle summer breeze filtering through half-closed shutters, the coolness of a siesta under the fig tree, a light puff of wind evocative of suave summer serenity.

Mimosa Marin
is a shrub of yellow blossom trembling with the nostalgia of the summer’s warmth, against a crisp, clear blue winter sky on the Riviera. A sea breeze playfully meandering through your dreams, evoking the promise of joyful memories.

L’Ambre is an invitation to linger languorously in the comfort of plump cushions or on the sofa, dreaming, carried away by the magic of a fragrant aura charged with mystery.

Cèdre Bleu
evokes the warm, woody, resinous scent of a Mediterranean forest where the umbrella pines and blue cedars majestically rub shoulders, deploying their bluish shade streaked with the sun’s rays. The ashen earth is covered with pine cones and their harvest of scattered grey pine nuts.

Each perfume bead is sealed with a coloured sticker which identifies the scent. A bead for rinsing, closed with a white sticker, allows you to change the ambiance at will to suit your whim, the mood of the weather or your surroundings.


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