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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday Edition Chez Moi Oranger en Fleurs

Exclusively for the Holiday Season 2007, L'Artisan Parfumeur introduces Holiday Edition Chez Moi Perfume Diffusing System. Packaged in an elegant black box with festive ornament, Chez Moi now comes with an Oranger en Fleurs bead, inspired by our exquisite limited edition Eau de Parfum Fleur d'Oranger 2007 and our bestselling candle. Oranger en Fleurs is the fresh, sunny fragrance of an orange tree blossoming in your home - irresistible!

Chez Moi Perfume Diffusing System - $250.00. A set of three Oranger en Fleurs beads - $50.00. Available at L'Artisan boutiques and soon online.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bienvenue “Chez Moi"!

L’Artisan Parfumeur was the first to launch the idea of matching perfumes to interiors. Back in 1978, L’Artisan Parfumeur brought enchantment to our senses and into our lives, bringing to the world of fragrances its unequalled expertise, demanding standards of authenticity and pioneer spirit. Now, in 2007, our homes have been revolutionized once again. As part of a continuous search for the highest olfactory fidelity, L’Artisan Parfumeur has devised an original diffusion method with exceptional performance levels. Embodied in a stylish object, the pure design lines of which will enhance any interior, the actual system is at the avant-garde of perfume diffusion, lovingly preserving the authenticity of the perfume and all its subtle nuances The fruit of two years research, in exclusive collaboration with the most talented French craftsmen, the Chez Moi® - Perfume Diffuser System is a seductive alliance of technology, design and poetry.

Francois Duquesne, President of L'Artisan Parfumeur, is pleased to invite you to discover L'Artisan Parfumeur newest addition for your home at a very special launch, exclusively at our boutiques:

Madison Boutique
1100 Madison Ave. NY 10028
10 Oct. 2007 at 6pm

Chicago Boutique
900 North Michigan Ave. #L1-7 IL 60611
11 Oct. 2007 at 6pm

Colombus Boutique
222 Colombus Ave. NY 10023
15 Oct. 2007 at 6pm

Soho Boutique
68 Thompson St. NY 10012
16 Oct. 2007 at 6pm

Please RSVP by email at contact@artisan-parfumeur.us

Welcome home! Bienvenue “Chez Moi”… At Chez Moi Blog, we would love to see your comments and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about Chez Moi.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Olfactory Revolution

Incense, candles, perfume-burners, lamps and sprays -down through the ages, the art of perfuming the home has become increasingly sophisticated, and is essentially based on three principles: heat, combustion and spray.

Chez Moi® invents another, completely new conception of home fragrance which imitates the way nature entices our sense of smell with its scents. The new technique, a piezoelectric heat-free system, fragments the perfume molecules into microdroplets, and propels them in soft, sensual waves into the atmosphere of the room.
Priority is given to olfactory sensitivity, the finesse of the sensation, the continuity of pleasure. Chez Moi® creates a discretely caressing climate, like the subtle harmonies of background music or the comfortable softness of concealed lighting. Just as perfume reveals the skin, so Chez Moi® proposes a choice of fragrances that highlight the personality of a home interior. It inaugurates a new art of perfuming the home, expressing the poetry of a space which reinstates nature in the veracity of its original accords.

Olfactory fidelity is total, since the simultaneous cold diffusion of all the notes keeps intact the sumptuous complexity of the perfume. Regulated by a microprocessor, the olfactory atmosphere is of a completely astonishing subtlety. “Floating” through the air in lingering doses, the perfumed waves gently rhythm the space and the hours. Harmonious and delicate, they keep the senses aroused, avoiding a continuous presence that could saturate our sense of smell.

The avant-garde of "olfactory design"

Purity, authenticity, savoir-faire, elegance – the same keywords which describe the creations of l’Artisan Parfumeur also presided over the conception of this new olfactory design object, whose high-tech simplicity blends into every type of interior, whether classical or modern.

Its sheer graphic elegance contrasts a shiny, black body with the mat whiteness of a linear plane, with etched stylised waves, where the perfumed vibrations escape. A recess holds the “pearl” of perfume: a black glass bead, simply clicked on so that, drop by drop, the magic works. The perfume is propagated towards the heart of the diffuser, which sends it out into the atmosphere, intact and subtle, for over 10 hours.

An ultra-sensitive metallic plate signed L’Artisan Parfumeur responds to the touch of a finger to trigger or interrupt the diffusion.

Infinitely nomadic, the Chez Moi® diffuser requires neither a charger nor an electric connection. It can travel the world with you, or stay at home, in any spot – on a shelf, coffee table, dressing table, bedside table or desk – and be forgotten about! Powered by economical universal AA batteries, the system is totally safe and switches itself off automatically after 9 hours continuous use.

Technology at the Service of the Beauty of Perfume

Each of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s perfumes conjures up an atmosphere of subtly blended scents, where sensations and poetic evocations mingle.

For Chez Moi, the five fragrances inaugurating the collection have been meticulously perfected to suit the new technology. Four of these, Mûre Sauvage (Wild Blackberry), Intérieur Figuier (Fig Tree Interior), Mimosa Marin (Marine Mimosa) and L’Ambre(Amber), have been selected from l’Artisan Parfumeur’s most popular perfumes. Cèdre Bleu (Blue Cedar) was created exclusively for Chez Moi®.

Mûre Sauvage
fills the home with the souvenir of delicious promenades, sweet, tangy
berries that melt in the mouth, the aroma of baked pastries and jam that
delight both young and old.

Intérieur Figuier
is a gentle summer breeze filtering through half-closed shutters, the coolness of a siesta under the fig tree, a light puff of wind evocative of suave summer serenity.

Mimosa Marin
is a shrub of yellow blossom trembling with the nostalgia of the summer’s warmth, against a crisp, clear blue winter sky on the Riviera. A sea breeze playfully meandering through your dreams, evoking the promise of joyful memories.

L’Ambre is an invitation to linger languorously in the comfort of plump cushions or on the sofa, dreaming, carried away by the magic of a fragrant aura charged with mystery.

Cèdre Bleu
evokes the warm, woody, resinous scent of a Mediterranean forest where the umbrella pines and blue cedars majestically rub shoulders, deploying their bluish shade streaked with the sun’s rays. The ashen earth is covered with pine cones and their harvest of scattered grey pine nuts.

Each perfume bead is sealed with a coloured sticker which identifies the scent. A bead for rinsing, closed with a white sticker, allows you to change the ambiance at will to suit your whim, the mood of the weather or your surroundings.

Ease of Use: Activated with One Touch

Insert the bead into the recess. Lightly touch the sensitive plate and let the charm take over.

Each bead will delightfully perfume your home for more than 10 hours. They are to be used once only, and should be left in place on the diffuser throughout their use.

Between the use of two different scents, use the rinsing bead in the same way. Fifteen minutes later, the system is ready for a new fragrance.

The Craftsmen Behind the Creation

L’Artisan Parfumeur worked closely with 6 France-based experts in their field to work on developing and producing the Chez Moi® diffuser system. Each with a reputation for creative talent, know-how and innovative capacity, they took up and met the challenge for l’Artisan Parfumeur.

centdegrés, an independent design agency created in Paris in 1988, produced for l’Artisan Parfumeur the design of this new olfactory decorative object, that is a modern alliance of technology and luxury. Working in close collaboration with L’Artisan Parfumeur, centdegrés designed the visual universe of the project: the design of the diffuser, perfume beads, cases and communication materials; to turn this exciting creative adventure into a beautiful product.

Exemplifying the philosophy of the designers, the Chez Moi® perfume diffuser system radically breaks with existing codes and imposes its own style, the luxury of our era. More reminiscent of Hi Fi and contemporary furniture design than of the usual home fragrance items, it tells all the modernity of l’Artisan Parfumeur. The box is manufactured by Gaggione, a company based in Montréalla- Cluse, between Lyon and Geneva, in the heart of “Plastics Valley” on the banks of Lake Nantua. Leading edge technology, imagination, and more than 50 years skilled experience in luxury plastics went into this sumptuous, perfectly finished design object.

The metal sensor plate was designed by Martin Technologies, established at Lézigné in the Loire Valley in 1929, a specialist in surface marking and treatment of the highest craftsmanship. The beads are manufactured by Bormioli Rocco France, glass masters at Masnières glassworks, founded in Cambrésis in 1819. Techniplast, set up in La Brède, Aquitaine in 1947, signed the reducer seal.

Price and Further Information

Chez Moi® Perfume Diffuser System with a “Cèdre Bleu” (Blue Cedar) bead : $250.00

Single bead (10 to 12 hours fragrance): $20.00

Box of three assorted beads (30 to 36 hours fragrance): $50.00

To celebrate the launch: Box of five beads comprising the first 5 fragrances (Mûre Sauvage, Mimosa Marin, Intérieur Figuier, L’Ambre, Cèdre Bleu) : $75.00

Rinsing bead available from boutiques on request.

For further information, please contact: Madison Boutique, Tel. 212.794.3600 or madisonboutique@artisan-parfumeur.us

Chez Moi in the Press: InTouch November 2007

Celeb scents

Stars like Oprah, Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Halle Berry have relied on L’Artisan Parfumeur’s scented objects to spice up their homes. Now, after two years of research, the famous fragrance house has created the Chez Moi perfume diffuser system, a battery-powered box topped with a glass bead that fills the air with scent. Let it linger in your living room – the sleek packaging is sure to start conversation! $250, lartisanparfumeur.us.


Chez Moi in the Press: More November 2007

More Style

The Girlfriends’ Gift Guide

“You gotta have friends,” as Bette Midler sang, and friends gotta have gifts. Here, 41 perfect ways to to say – “Thanks for being there – and for being you”

A sophisticated battery-powered system wafts amber or fig into your office or boudoir; L’Artisan Parfumeur Fragrance Diffuser ($250)


Chez Moi in the Press: In Style November 2007

Objects of Desire

Fabulous finds and must-have accessories you’ll want right now


Little work of art? Yes, but also a state-of-the-art home fragrance diffuser by L’Artisan Parfumeur. With a fragrance bead on top (in blue cedar, mimosa, fig, blackberry, or amber), it will release nine hours of subtle scent. Diffuser, $250; fragrance beads, $20 each; at Aedes de Venustas, 212-206-8674


Chez Moi in the Press - Surface Fall 2007



Finishing Touch

"These refined accessories and furnishings pair subtle shifts in materials and finishes to create a playfully pleasant blend of matte and gloss

The Chez Moi Diffuser System by L’Artisan Parfumeur features a topographic surface topped off with rounded lacquered caps."


Chez Moi in the Press: LUCKY October 2007

Beauty Spy

High-tech home fragrance

These sleek, ultra-modern diffusers release scent in faint waves, so your rooms smell fantastic (but never overpoweringly so).

L’Artisan Parfumeur Chez Moi Home Fragrance Diffuser System

Aided by a tiny internal fan, this steadily scents rooms with gorgeous oils like blackberry and blue cedar. $230, L’ArtisanParfumeur.com for stores


Chez Moi in the Press: Nylon October 2007


In recent years a signature scent has come to mean more than simply the perfume you choose to dab on your pulse points. Your home is just as important a venue for conveying fragrance fancies. And while there are people, like myself, who take special care to find the perfect Diptyque candle or Votivo room mist to match their décor, there are also those who sadly still rely on a Glade plug-in to set the scent. L’Artisan Parfumeur’s latest venture into the home fragrance category is definitely for those in the former category. Their new Chez Moi Perfume Diffuser System is a fusion of luxury design and exquisite fragrance craftsmanship. The sleek rectangular diffuser is activated by the slightest touch and uses a heat-free piezoelectric system to emit soft waves throughout the room. The aroma itself emanates from a tiny polished balck bead containing the perfume of your choosing which is placed atop the diffuser. The five inaugural scents range from the woody, resin-heavy Cedre Bleu to the sweet, blooming Mimosa Marin. While the system will set you back quite a bit more than the average, OK, even the most fancy, candle, can you really put a price on olfactory perfection? I think not. FV

L’Artisan Parfumeur Chez Moi Perfume Diffuser System, $230, and fragrance beads, $20 each, at L’Artisan boutiques.


Chez Moi in the Press: Times Online UK September 2007

"I don’t think there’s anything to beat the magic of candles but there are other more long-lasting ways of diffusing scents and l’Artisan Parfumeur, one of the best small perfumery shops, has come up with a little device which it calls the Chez Moi diffuser system. ...

It is battery operated and comes with little black “pearls” which hold the fragrance. In less than three minutes after the machine has been switched on the room is suffused but not overwhelmed by any one of the five fragrances on offer.

There’s Mure Sauvage, Mimosa Marin, Interieur Figuier, L’Ambre and Cedre Bleu, which I like most – it’s a warm and woody smell, rather like a Mediterranean forest. Each pearl lasts for 10 hours. The machine costs £150 and the pearls are £12 each or £50 for five.

Buy it online from www.artisanparfumeur.com or by mail (tel: 020-7221 2008) from any of its four London shops."


Chez Moi in the Press: Brides Magazine UK

Create a unique atmosphere in your home with L'Artisan Parfumeur (11/09/07)

For home scenting aficionados and beginners alike, L'Artisan Parfumeur has just launched a revolutionary diffusion method that allows your room to be evenly scented. Sound complicated and technical? Fear not; the magic is worked by a rather sweet little diffuser called Chez Moi – a shiny black box that will keep perfume going around your room for over 10 hours.

While the science behind it all seems quite complicated, the end result is astonishing and, even better, Chez Moi works on AA batteries and can therefore be taken on travels and moved from room to room quite easily.

Five fragrances, in the form of beads, are available for Chez Moi at this moment, four of which are long-term L'Artisan favourites. Newcomer Cèdre Bleu evokes Mediterranean forests, while Mûre Sauvage is a mix of wild berries, Intérieur Figuier reminds us of a siesta under a fig tree, L'Ambre is delicately mysterious and Mimosa Marin is inspired by the French Riviera.

Chez Moi with Cèdre Bleu costs £150, while a single bead of fragrance costs £12 and a box of three assorted beads can be bought for £30. To celebrate the launch of Chez Moi, you'll be able to buy a box of five beads, one of each fragrance, for just £50 for a limited time only. Chez Moi is available in L'Artisan Parfumeur boutiques.



Chez Moi in The Press: Hintmag.com - September 2007


Chez Moi in the Press: New York Post September 2007




Making scents: A happy home is one that smells good. Chez Moi, L'Artisan Parfumeur's new battery-operated perfume diffuser system, uses tiny beads to send subtle notes throughout your house. Get it for $250 at Henri Bendel (712 Fifth Ave., [212] 904-7910).


Chez Moi in the Press: Style.com August 2007

Maybe there is some truth to the old canard that everything is classier in French. With the new Chez Moi Perfume Diffuser, L'Artisan Parfumeur has taken a product not previously known for its chic factor—the plug-in air freshener popularized by Glade—and given it a makeover. The sleek dispenser unit looks like a bottle of expensive perfume and comes in delicious scents such as Mûre Sauvage, Intérieure Figuier, and L'Ambre. It's not the first product to attempt to upgrade the lowly PlugIn (Slatkin and Bath & Body Works already got there), but it may be the one with staying power.


Chez Moi in the Press: WWD July 2007

L'Artisan Parfumeur Goes High-Tech with Home Scent