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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Olfactory Revolution

Incense, candles, perfume-burners, lamps and sprays -down through the ages, the art of perfuming the home has become increasingly sophisticated, and is essentially based on three principles: heat, combustion and spray.

Chez Moi® invents another, completely new conception of home fragrance which imitates the way nature entices our sense of smell with its scents. The new technique, a piezoelectric heat-free system, fragments the perfume molecules into microdroplets, and propels them in soft, sensual waves into the atmosphere of the room.
Priority is given to olfactory sensitivity, the finesse of the sensation, the continuity of pleasure. Chez Moi® creates a discretely caressing climate, like the subtle harmonies of background music or the comfortable softness of concealed lighting. Just as perfume reveals the skin, so Chez Moi® proposes a choice of fragrances that highlight the personality of a home interior. It inaugurates a new art of perfuming the home, expressing the poetry of a space which reinstates nature in the veracity of its original accords.

Olfactory fidelity is total, since the simultaneous cold diffusion of all the notes keeps intact the sumptuous complexity of the perfume. Regulated by a microprocessor, the olfactory atmosphere is of a completely astonishing subtlety. “Floating” through the air in lingering doses, the perfumed waves gently rhythm the space and the hours. Harmonious and delicate, they keep the senses aroused, avoiding a continuous presence that could saturate our sense of smell.


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