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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The avant-garde of "olfactory design"

Purity, authenticity, savoir-faire, elegance – the same keywords which describe the creations of l’Artisan Parfumeur also presided over the conception of this new olfactory design object, whose high-tech simplicity blends into every type of interior, whether classical or modern.

Its sheer graphic elegance contrasts a shiny, black body with the mat whiteness of a linear plane, with etched stylised waves, where the perfumed vibrations escape. A recess holds the “pearl” of perfume: a black glass bead, simply clicked on so that, drop by drop, the magic works. The perfume is propagated towards the heart of the diffuser, which sends it out into the atmosphere, intact and subtle, for over 10 hours.

An ultra-sensitive metallic plate signed L’Artisan Parfumeur responds to the touch of a finger to trigger or interrupt the diffusion.

Infinitely nomadic, the Chez Moi® diffuser requires neither a charger nor an electric connection. It can travel the world with you, or stay at home, in any spot – on a shelf, coffee table, dressing table, bedside table or desk – and be forgotten about! Powered by economical universal AA batteries, the system is totally safe and switches itself off automatically after 9 hours continuous use.


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